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Natural Energy Wyre Ltd
The Loft, Mill Farm
Fleetwood Road
Wesham, Preston

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Wyre Tidal Barrage

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Who is
Natural Energy Wyre?

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Natural Energy Wyre Ltd is a dynamic company dedicated to successfully delivering the

Wyre Eco-THEP

the first tidal hydro energy plant in the UK. The project is focussed on the production of approximately 220GWh of electricity annually from a single construction, powered by predictable tidal energy.

How can we
harness power
from the Wyre?

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The tide flows into the River Wyre twice daily and is caused by the gravitational pull of both the moon and the sun. The energy source is completely predictable and reliable (unlike many other renewable technologies) and this is the reason we have focussed on harnessing such a plentiful, natural resource.

Power For Up To
As Many As
50,000 Homes

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The project requires a purpose-built eco-THEP across the river estuary, from Fleetwood to Knott End, specifically designed to extract natural energy. This carefully engineered development will house a number of sophisticated and specifically commissioned turbines to control the passage of water in and out of the river.

At Least
New Jobs Will Be Created

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Put simply, the huge movement of water will force the turbines inside the structure to rotate, powering the attached generators. This will produce a massive amount of energy from each and every tide, which is then fed into the National Grid.

Click here to read more about how tidal energy is generated.

Anticipated Rise In Tourism Will Bring More than
Additional Visitors

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The Wyre Eco-THEP is strategically positioned for optimum energy extraction coupled with delivering the maximum flood defence potential for local residents. The span of the river between Fleetwood and Knott End is just 600 meters and the average tidal range is just over 10 meters, making it the most economic site for this purpose in the UK (based upon a basic kW/£ generating cost). The completed tidal hydro energy plant will deliver up to 220GWh annually, and have a build cost of under £200 Million, providing sufficient energy to power up to as many as 50,000 homes.

Flood Defence

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Motivation for green energy has never been higher.
Fossil fuels are running out at an ever increasing rate and reducing our dependency on them is accepted as the only sustainable way forward. Please help us make Wyre a better place to live by registering your support in the Wyre Eco-THEP.

Let Us Know

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Voting is now closed on the Natural Energy Wyre Eco-THEP opinion poll, which has been a great success with over 90% in support on average.

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