Energy Digital Discusses Tidal Power


Longstanding energy publication Energy Digital has been discussing tidal power in a piece entitled ‘Tidal power: An inside look at how it works’.

“Tidal power…takes advantage of the predictability of the ocean tides to generate electricity, either via estuary barges or directly from the currents themselves via tidal streams.”

The articles goes on to explore the UK’s 11,000MW tidal potential, a huge figure when compared with our small landmass, which makes us the largest source of hydrokinetic power in Europe.

Often, the biggest obstacle for tidal energy projects is the high build cost, such as those encountered by the MeyGen Tidal Energy Project in Scotland or the Black Rock Tidal Power hydrokinetic platform in Canada. Not so for the Wyre Eco-THEP (Tidal Hydro Energy Plant), which has an initial construction cost of less than £200 million, and will provide power for upwards of 50,000 homes once complete.

Please visit the Energy Digital website to find out more.

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