Fleetwood Engineer Discusses Energy Pros & Cons


Following a fracking protest at Blackpool Football Club earlier this week, retired engineer, Tony Balmer, has written a piece for Fleetwood Weekly News dispelling some myths about fracking and the culture of protest.

It’s an interesting article, and one that focuses on the perceived narrative that the only people who want to attend protests are so-called “tree-huggers”.

“I was one of the 300 or so protesters braving the cold at Blackpool FC (where the public inquiry is being held).

“Granted there were a few folks there from outside the county – mainly from other places under threat from fracking – but most of us were locals. Not nutters or tree-huggers – just ordinary people from all age groups and all walks of life.

“There were a few things we had in common though:

– Most of us have never protested before in our lives.

– We’re all quite well-informed.”

As well as talking about the negative effects of fracking on the local area, Balmer also spoke about the benefits of renewable energy sources.

“The market that is about to take off world wide is in renewable energy (wind, wave, solar, tidal, geo-thermal). Not only is this environmentally clean, and secure (the wind will always blow and no-one’s yet managed to hold back the tides), but if coupled to a concerted attempt to insulate our homes properly, will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, reduce domestic heating bills and create literally hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs in the UK in a growing market with significant export potential.”

Read Tony Balmer’s full piece at the Fleetwood Weekly News website.

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