Global Warming Causing Hottest Year on Record


2015 is set to be the hottest year since records began according to climate experts, with the average global temperature expected to hit 14.68˚C by the year’s end.

This will beat 2014’s previous record of 14.57˚C by over 0.1˚C. Although this may sound like a small number, historically record beating temperature increases have been by as little as 0.01˚ and 0.02˚. At 10 times the usual increase, this is a huge margin, and one which experts are more than 99% sure is caused by global warming.

Although many have long predicted that global warming would have a catastrophic effect on global temperature, others argued that the Earth may not be heating up at all, and that any warmer climates were part of the planet’s regularly fluctuating temperature.

However, since records began 130 years ago, nine out of the ten warmest years have all occurred in the 21st century, with the three hottest years of all being 2010, 2014 and 2015.

This is absolutely all due to the rise of greenhouse gases and there can no longer be any doubt that global warming is happening; therefore we must do something about it.

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