Grand Plans for Canadian Tidal Site


An energy company and turbine manufacturer have come together to push forward a renewable initiative.

Cape Sharp Tidal, a joint venture between energy company Emera and marine turbine producer OpenHydro, will deploy a grid-connected 4MW tidal array in Canada’s Bay of Fundy.

Set to be one of the largest turbine systems of its kind, energy for over 1,000 homes and commercial businesses will be provided by the project.

Fully backed by local officials, Cape Sharp Tidal has received almost £4 million in funding, and the first of two 16-metre turbines will be operational by the end of 2015.

Should all go to plan, power generation capacity will be increased to 12MW in 2017 and 50MW before the decade’s end.

OpenHydro and Emera have grand plans for the future of the site. Their eventual goal is to develop a fully-operation 300MW commercial tidal array that has the potential to provide green energy to more than 75,000 Canadian homes.

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