The Importance of Tidal Energy


Writing for Click Green, senior sustainable energy analyst Cédric Philibert has been discussing the importance of renewables to the energy industry at large.

As well as working to reduce carbon emissions, renewable energy sources offer a unique sense of stability when it comes to price. In a world where fossil fuel prices fluctuate massively, oil in particular, the predictability of tidal energy makes for an attractive proposition, resulting, in many cases, in price parity. Which, of course, means more affordable green energy for everyone.

What’s more, the longevity of tidal projects means that what is sometimes perceived as an expensive build cost (although this is significantly reduced for the Wyre Eco-THEP) works out far cheaper in the long run, as the running costs are much less than similar sized fossil fuel production facilities.

Lastly, Philibert comments on the security of sustainable energies, which are not just limited to certain parts of the world, like gas and oil, but can be generated almost anywhere. This results in supply security, with no risk of it running out and causing a reliance on imported sources of energy.

To read more of Philibert’s findings, please visit the Click Green website.

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