Investment in Tidal Power Could Make UK a World Leader


Industry body Scottish Renewables recently published a report claiming the UK could become an international energy leader through its wave and tidal power efforts.

The report states that plans to increase government spending on energy innovation to £500 million could position the UK this way if allotted to the appropriate areas.

The UK Government plans to increase innovation expenditure over the next five years in a bid to safeguard energy supply in the future.

Scottish Renewables’ report highlighted six technology areas, which included wave and tidal energy, as priority for these funds so the UK Government can aid in building a pioneering and progressive energy system.

The UK is already at the forefront of wave and tidal energy innovation with facilities such as Orkney’s European Marine Energy Centre and the Wyre Eco-THEP.

Hannah Smith, Policy Officer at Scottish Renewables, stated “Our world lead in tidal technology owes much to the continued development of onshore wind, with technology for the former deriving from decades of study into the latter. Now new technologies like wave energy have the potential to revolutionise the way we produce energy.”

To read the full report, please visit Scottish Renewables’ website.

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