Lancaster Seminar Tackles Tidal Energy Head On


The positives of tidal energy have again heavily featured in news outlets around the country. This month, the Lancaster Guardian featured a piece on the progression of tidal projects currently on-going throughout the country, including structures in Caithness and Swansea. The report was in response to a recent seminar in the city entitled ‘Tidal Energy – a new future for the UK?’

Natural Energy Wyre Technical Advisory Board Chair Dr George Aggidis said a few words for the article, which promotes tidal energy as a whole, increasing the general public’s awareness of the potential for clean, renewable energy up and down the country.

“Here in the UK we’ve become net importers, and we’re right at the end of the pipeline. We need much more independence and we have excellent resources we can tap into,” Dr Aggidis said.

“It will also help with regeneration, job creation, flood protection, tourism – all this coupled together makes it start to look really attractive.”

With input from MPs, architects and industry experts, it is an interesting and positive piece that doesn’t shy away from the potential issues of the project. Although a tidal hydro energy plant means huge savings in the long run, in the short term, many people struggle to look past the large cost.

To read more about the tidal energy seminar, please visit the Lancaster Guardian website.

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