Mark Ruffalo Sports ‘Frack Free Lancashire’ Badge on Red Carpet


Not content with being nominated for Best Supporting Actor at this year’s BAFTAs, Mark Ruffalo took advantage of the awards bash to promote his stance on fracking.

A well-known challenger of fracking in the US, Ruffalo has publicly expressed his opposition to the practice to both American President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, urging them instead to pursue expanded renewable energy measures.

Additionally, he penned an article for The Guardian, stating: “This weekend I have the pleasure and honor of coming to London for the BAFTAs for Spotlight, a film honoring the victims of a terrible injustice and celebrating exceptional journalism that brought the story to light.

“I’m also taking this opportunity to lend my voice to residents of Lancashire who are fighting to prevent another kind of injustice, drilling and fracking in their neighbourhoods.

“I’ve seen it firsthand in the state of Pennsylvania, where hundreds and of families have had their water turn brown and toxic.

“The only way fracking could go forward in Lancashire now is against the wishes of the people who live there, a terrible injustice.”

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