National Trust: Protect UK Coasts


The National Trust has advised that the nation’s coastlines need more protection against flood and erosion.

Today, just a third of England’s coastal authorities have a protection plan, a number which must rise quickly as wetter and more aggressive winters become commonplace.

Instead of traditional sea defences, which regularly work in the short-term but soon fail and must be rebuilt, British councils should be looking at long-term flood defence measures such as reed beds and Eco-THEP (Tidal Hydro Energy Plant) systems.

On 700 miles of coastline, nearly 130,000 homes and businesses are at risk, the Trust says, an increase of 10% compared to 10 years ago, so these recommendations are not to be taken lightly.

The Wyre Eco-THEP is an example of one such measure, which could potentially fight back against these grave circumstances. The plant will have the facility to control tidal flow, a functionality that, when operated in coordination with tidal and meteorological forecasts, will provide effective flood control for villages in the higher reaches of the river. This in turn will protect the sensitive flood plains against ever increasing danger as sea levels continue to rise.

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