Investor Accelerates Wyre Project


Conna Walker, the green-minded entrepreneur who’s known for taking her small eBay business and turning it to a globally recognised brand, has invested a six figure sum of her own capital into Natural Energy Wyre’s eco-THEP to mark her ongoing support for clean renewable energy.

Walker is the founder of House of CB, one of the fastest growing young womenswear brands in the world. She is the Design and Creative Director of the brand and at 24, is touted as one of the young entrepreneurs to watch since starting CB at 17. Growing up as an only child in an entrepreneurial family, Conna was born to create. She didn’t follow the usual educational journey to her career in the fashion industry, but instead taught herself everything and made the contacts she needed.

Conna has a natural vision for what her customers will purchase and what will sell well, which is why she’s now expanded into younger girls’ clothing with Mistress Rocks Los Angeles.

Five years since House of CB’s inception, Conna is still the driving force behind all aspects of her business and she has now decided the time is right to help pave the way for a renewable future with Natural Energy Wyre.

Bob Long, Managing Director of NEW, said: “It’s fantastic to have a young ambassador on board with Natural Energy Wyre, particularly someone as entrepreneurially-minded as Conna Walker. We’re excited for the developments we’ll be making going forward into 2017 and beyond.”

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