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Wyre Eco-THEP Project

Natural Energy Wyre’s Eco-THEP project is a proposed 100mWh tidal hydro energy plant located on the River Wyre. The plant will extract energy by forcing the incoming tidal flow through rotating turbine blades, driving powerful generators and converting the power of the tides into electrical energy. The process is completely predictable, with the tide passing through the Eco-THEP twice a day.

The planned site is located on the Lancashire coast, between the industrial town of Fleetwood to the west, and the small rural village of Knott End to the east. This specific site is positively unique–encompassing ideal geophysical and geological features, close proximity to a substantial National Grid connection, and some of the largest tidal ranges in the country.

The proposal also provides a range of benefits to potential stake holders in and around the intended location. As the area is financially depressed, the population are hungry to embrace all the work opportunities that will be created, and local technical education facilities have already pledged their support to teach vital construction and operations skills. Direct job opportunities through the construction phase will provide a great deal of work, but legacy employment after construction is crucial to the long-term wellbeing of the district.

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Tidal Power

Sihwa_Unit-ready-installedImage credited to ANDRITZ HYDRO

Tides flow in and out of estuaries and rivers on a cycle of approximately 12.4 hours–2 tides every 24 hours and 50 minutes. The tides are caused primarily by the gravitational pull of the moon, although the sun has a secondary effect, leading to tides varying in height throughout the year. The tides are 100% predictable and therefore offer a completely reliable energy source.

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Natural Energy Wyre Ltd has large scale support from across the community. With the help of everyone combined, we feel we can succeed in building the much needed Tidal Hydro Energy Plant.


We have received over 900 letters of support from local residents on both sides of the river, many with a real passion to bring clean energy to the North West. It is part of our wider remit and corporate social responsibility to help provide support to those that are in our community. The Wyre Eco-THEP Project will not only provide jobs and training, but also ongoing financial assistance for worthy causes and projects. We will also be working with a nominated charity each year; more information will be announced closer to the project date.

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Media Room

Development Team

There are a number of statutory and non-statutory members that we will be consulting with on this scheme.

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