Our Community

Natural Energy Wyre has large scale support from across the community.  The project has benefits for a wide audience from the potential of a marina in Knott End to flood defence for the occupants of the higher reaches.  Natural Energy Wyre, with the collective support of all stakeholders, is confident to deliver this much needed infrastructure project.


Local Residents

We have received an astounding amount of letters of support from local residents on both sides of the river, many with a real passion to bring clean energy to the North West. The Wyre Tidal Gateway will not only provide jobs and training throughout the development and build process, but will also provide a catalyst for general commercial growth.  Natural Energy Wyre has founded a parallel company called Onward Focus Limited.  This is a Community Interest Company  (CIC) to allow the town to directly benefit from the anticipated financial growth.




The Wyre Tidal Gateway is supported by three of the world’s leading figureheads on tidal energy, Professor George Aggidis, Professor Roger Falconer and Chris Binnie.  Their support and recommendations continue to be valuable as the Wyre Tidal Gateway moves forward to the construction stage.


Political Support

There is substantial support and political backing across the parties, both nationally and locally. As well as working towards a renewable future, the Wyre Tidal Gateway provides a sophisticated means of flood control and the major investment in this infrastructure project will result in the direct and indirect creation of thousands of jobs.

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