Why an Eco-THEP?


At Natural Energy Wyre, we are committed to delivering a tidal hydro energy plant on the River Wyre that will successfully generate around 150GWhr of electricity each and every year.

The project will bring with it countless benefits for the area, including short-term and long-term employment, tourist trade, rejuvenated centres for both Fleetwood and Knott End, effective flood management and, of course, a constant, reliable source of renewable energy to power local homes and businesses.

With all these positives, there is no doubt that a tidal power station is something the River Wyre is crying out for.

The Eco-THEP will also act as a pedestrianised bridge, finally connecting two locales that were formerly so close, yet so difficult to travel between.

The Wyre Eco-THEP project may also save lives. More than simply producing clean, green energy, which is good for the planet around us, the plant will also be able to form a bridge that is accessible to emergency vehicles, helping those all important medical, crime prevention and firefighting staff get to where they are going faster than ever.

If you are interested in investing in the Wyre Eco-THEP project, or if you are a landowner, interest group or environmental group, please complete the contact form to the right, and a member of the Natural Energy Wyre team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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