Wyre Eco-THEP is a Hit in the Local Press


At Natural Energy Wyre’s last meeting, we were joined by Richard Hunt from the Fleetwood Weekly News. Richard was as excited and as enthusiastic as we are regarding the Wyre Eco-THEP (Tidal Hydro Energy Plant), and it seems the public agree as well; the story appeared on the front page of the paper, as well as residing in the top 5 most viewed articles online at the time of writing.

Mr Hunt spoke to Natural Energy Wyre Managing Director, Bob Long, regarding the development. With the involvement and backing of esteemed engineering companies Hyder Consultants and Arup, construction work on the plant can realistically be started in just a couple of years.

At the meeting, we welcomed representatives of both companies, as well as members of the Lancashire and Wyre councils. The discussion between members was extremely positive, both on the practicability of the extensive plans and the eventual outcome. With the creation of hundreds of jobs and millions in potential income from the sale of energy and new tourism opportunities, it’s easy to see why.

The Wyre Eco-THEP Project is an undeniably huge undertaking. The amount of planning for such a large-scale construction, as well as the necessary investment of over £200million is a big ask. However, with the partners that are already on board, the initial steps have begun and the project is achievable in the near future. Better yet, upon it’s completion, what the local community will get back from the project will far surpass what was put in, with the variety of jobs in maintenance, tourism, water sports and retail shopping set to be created.

To read more on the story, please visit the Fleetwood Weekly News website.

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