Wyre Eco-THEP Moving Forward


Natural Energy Wyre has again appeared in the press after further progress is made with the Wyre Eco-THEP (Tidal Hydro Energy Plant).

The project can now move forward with securing the £10 million required for the planning application.

Speaking to Maritime Journal, Managing Director Bob Long said, “This is a real milestone in the project, it’s one of the most exciting stages now and gives us the green light to move forward with the next stage in developing a clean renewable energy project right here in the North West of the UK.

“This is great news for all local people, on both sides of the river and beyond—a real opportunity to be involved in helping the UK become less dependent on imported energy and the burning of fossil fuels.”

Following this first stage, the planning and consultation stage will take place, before construction begins, estimated at approximately three years.

To read the full article, please visit the Maritime Journal website.

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