Wyre Eco-THEP to Create 100s of Local Jobs


The Wyre Eco-THEP (Tidal Hydro Energy Plant) is an important project for the local area for so many reasons. Not only does it provide a clean, sustainable energy source, but the economic benefits are massive.

There are a huge amount of short-term employment opportunities in the construction of the Wyre Eco-THEP itself, however the long-term careers that will produced are even more exciting, not just in terms of plant operations and maintenance, but in closely related industries as well.

Marina Operation

With the Wyre Eco-THEP set to be constructed very close to the mouth of the river, tourism potential for the surrounding coastland is significantly increased. With a modern, attractive energy plant taking the form of a bridge between Knott End and Fleetwood, people will be happy to visit the area providing there are things to do. This is a perfect chance to establish a proper marina area for boats and yachts.

Water Sports

Of course, areas with plenty of useable water is crying out for some extreme sports. A manned, safe-conscious area for water sports such as wakeboarding, waterskiing and canoeing is a great way to get a variety of people involved and invested in the project, and truly make it a centre for recreation.


With an influx of tourists and workers alike, the area will need more facilities such as cafes and convenience stores, but it will be taken much further than this, with room for a fully fledged shopping centre or retail park, complete with both local and national businesses. The Wyre Eco-THEP can make the area a real social hub, with a variety of reasons to visit.


Employment will also be provided from the educational facilities of the Tidal Hydro Energy Plant). It may be clear to us why tidal energy, and renewable energy as a whole, is so important, but the onus is on us to educate others on how we can help both the planet and ourselves by investing in projects such as this.

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