Wyre Eco-THEP Visitor Centre Progressing


As reported by The Blackpool Gazette, the Wyre Eco-THEP (Tidal Hydro Energy Plant) Visitor Centre is currently continuing development on the site of the former Fleetwood Post Office.

Natural Energy Wyre Ltd has taken out a five-year lease on the property, located on North Albert Street in Fleetwood, which will enable members of the public to learn more about the plant and tidal energy in general.

Housed within the centre will be a variety of exhibits, including a model of one of the turbines to be used in the structure.

Managing Director Bob Long told The Gazette: “We have to make sure the information centre is absolutely right, as this will be one of the main ways we engage with the public.

“One of the displays will be the model turbine, which will give people a three-dimensional vision of part of the project.

“Once the centre is open people will have a better idea of how everything will work.”

To find out more, please visit The Gazette website.

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