Wyre Tidal Gateway Takes Shape


Wyre Tidal Gateway takes shape


Project owners, Natural Energy Wyre have just completed a valuable piece of work stage in the process of delivering this iconic project.

Last year, Charles Hendry was commissioned by the government to look into tidal hydro technology and report on his findings. On the 12th January, he shared the content of his report. In it, he names NEW Ltd and the progress they have made. He states the “Wyre” as a project that should “Go Ahead”.

Bob Long, CEO of NEW Ltd said “I read Charles Hendry’s report with great excitement. It has so far been a good year for NEW Ltd. Final figures are now in, from an extensive study we have just completed and we are now very confident of the project’s viability”.

Tidal power is absolutely dependable in both time and quantity of delivery, which can never be said about wind or solar.

Predictable energy has greater value to the grid than non-predictable sources and the value of tidal energy has been, until now, under-estimated for too long.

Tidal power is derived from the height difference between high and low water. The Northwest and Welsh coastlines have some of the largest tidal ranges in the world.
In a post Brexit Britain, the tides belong to this Island and unlike oil, tidal range is a resource unlikely to run-out.

Estuary gateways and tidal lagoons could together provide over a quarter of British power producing capability, representing up to half of our current power consumption making a huge contribution.

The anticipated life-span of 125 years+ means Tidal Gateways will not only help save the planet, but provide effective flood defences.
Tidal lagoons don’t differ too much in technology from Estuary Gateways, but have the capability to protect large amounts of coastline from flooding and erosion due to rising sea levels.

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